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Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
and energy to mail out fee disclosure information to participants that are minimally engaged in the plan and are not going to be interested in the expense ratio offered under that plan. that was the regulation well intended, but didn't have all the impact it was designed to have. trying to manage necessary regulation with regulation that's not going to have a bacon pact, just echoing that important part. >> is this going to get us there that make in the plain simpler? >> i think so. do make say difference for people. very valuable, thank you very much. >> i would like to continue, professor warren, senator warren find of questioning because that's very helpful. i remember in order to be the governor of tennessee, walked across the state many years ago and there's no one to talk to do, the cows are along the road. i was thinking if i got elected, would if i could make a tax form for some sort of list that i could hand to somebody who wants to start a business and safe from the state's point of view, this is everything we care about. these are all the taxes on the regulation, complete us.
Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
of the energy employee compensation program for department of labor, money has been made available to those workers now suffering from crippling illness. i know ta has designated point person for oic and i commend you for doing so. what i'm hearing from many residents in the district is very few of the thousands of employees in the area or even a way that this program access and its benefits available to them at all. they seem minimal outreach efforts to ensure those in need know how to get the help they so deserve. i read this week about steve totten in a local newspaper. his brother also has cancer. his wife and father both died of cancer. all four worked in the attleboro plant. yesterday he spoke to larry darcy who is diagnosed in may may 292. leroux anonymously to credit your company or the opportunities they gave him and coworkers. over 180 of those coworkers from that he's aware of have contracted some type of cancer. i tell the story not to castleman. the human cost of this development in 1950s and 60s is not unique texas instruments are attleboro, but i believe that t.i. amount the
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
, and the united states will be able to understand how this can happen. the u.s. will become an exporter of energy with the changes that have happened there. we need much more focus ourselves. at the end of the day, it is always about jobs and that means injecting growth into european economies as a result of jobs that are being created for millions of young people across tiernan and give them hope and inspiration and motivation that politics actually >> one of the things that we should be doing, is to pick the low hanging fruits, and they are out there. we could finalize the trade agreements. we are hopeful that this is what we should be doing. we were so eager to finalize this. why is that important? it is important because energy efficiency is cutting edge in terms of using our energy much better and more efficient. we can also make a good business out of that. so i think that we need to focus on the low hanging fruit. we need to do the opposite, which is to use it, and something that gives us a competitive advantage in the global competitiveness. this is what we should be focusing on. this is
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
is you. you make decisions and decide how much energy you want to put behind the decision. and i came to understood that i had control of my own destiny. and at that point, i didn't hate poverty anymore. it was only temporary. i knew i could change that. it was incredibly liberating for me. made all the difference. and continue on the theme of education. and 1831, -- came to america to study the country. the europe. s were fascinated. how could a fledging nation already be exciting with them on virtually ever level. it's impossible. -- and so, you know, he said, wow, it's something. let me look at the educational system. he was blown away. anybody finishing the second grade was completely literate. he could find a mountain man on the outskirts of society. the man could read the newspaper, would have a political discussion and tell how the government worked. if you wanted to be impressed. take a look at the chapter on education. in my latest book, america the beautiful" when which i wrote with my life. in the education chapter, you'll see questions extractedded from a sixth grade exit
Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
of american democratic institutions, energies, visions, and populations in this particular country. so, the undeniable rain showers progress we have made, the ethnic diversity we have observed, and the profound expansion of democracy we have helped facilitate, must be juxtaposed to the persistence of malignant often unconscious forces of bias that continue to subvert and undermine the best potential we have as american citizens. it gets in the way and we don't know it. you could be a young boy walking down the street with a pair of -- with some skittles in your hand, and some iced tea. and then the phantom invisible bias becomes concrete and definable. the anatomy of bigotry takes shape in the repugnance toward black or latino or asian or other bodies. just as figments of imagination projected on to the screen of history in what goes on unconsciously, what is a stereo type takes shape, and that then stereo type becomes lethal and deadly when one person, seeing another person, acts on those stereotypes, that implicit bias, that up conscious raceism, thatth him in repose, and all that's
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
and energy assistance is very cool in chicago 295 night dollars and cut in policing services. the new municipalities talk about the layouts that have already occurred. is canceling jobs are lost or were created and services are cut to families and smart investments were made. republicans insist on deficit reduction needs to come from even more severe cut, including social security, medicare and medicaid benefits. the fourth class of america are people other 65 years of age with $20,000 a year. the people is to go after them. but my colleagues and i are offering today is a smarter alternative to post-tax loopholes for individuals and corporations can cut through military waste and create a million new jobs said testing infrastructure and keeping teachers in the classroom. what the balancing act as a salve for a long term deficit reduction in a fair and balanced way. in addition to smart targeted spending cuts, and raising revenue, we need to put people back to worse. growth is the third in the south that they could deficit reduction. that job creation, restored to full potential will b
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6